The UTEP School of Pharmacy (SOP) has made vital progress in the past months for our future students and community partners to look forward to.

On Sept. 9, 2016, we completed the first phase of our Teaching Environment Updates with the opening of a new IV admixtures teaching lab and non-sterile compounding lab.

The space will be used to teach students both sterile and non-sterile compounding in a simulated real world setting. This lab is one of many future teaching areas where students will get to practice their skills the same way they would perform them in the real world. Here at the UTEP SOP, we provide our students with realistic, extensive, and diverse opportunities to not just learn the science, or rote knowledge behind pharmacy practice, but the skills needed for practical application. 

In the coming months, we will complete the development of a Student Success Center (phase two of updates) and updated office space to accommodate faculty and staff.  By late spring, the SOP will complete phase three of the updates to include new pharmaceutical sciences research laboratories and a collaboration space.

Many of these facilities will be used by the school’s new hires. We have welcomed over a dozen new faculty and staff to the SOP with backgrounds in a variety of diverse fields including pharmacy practice and administration, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, and pharmacology, as well as clinical pharmacy faculty with expertise in pediatrics and psychiatry. 

Please look forward to our continued progress as UTEP’s very own School of Pharmacy enrolls its first class of students.school of pharmacy, IV, laboratory

school of pharmacy, laboratory, IV,

school of pharmacy, IV, laboratory, compounding

Photos by J.R. Hernandez / UTEP Communications