Multiple Mini-Interview

What is the Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI)?

The MMI process takes the applicant through 7-10 different timed interview stations. Applicants rotate through each station, which all have individual questions or activities. Each station will have one or two interviewers and will be focused on non-cognitive qualities such as communication, ethical reasoning, leadership, and problem solving. 

Why do we use the MMI?

Research done on the MMI process has concluded that the MMI minimizes bias by interviewers1, and allows evaluation of nonacademic traits that are becoming vital to health professionals2

What to expect during your MMI:

At the start of each session, a candidate will stand in front of their assigned station (room) and then your assigned time keeper will tell you to "Begin reading prompt", which will be fixed on the door. You will then have 2 minutes to read the question/activity and formulate a response. Your time keeper will then tell you to "Enter the room", upon which you will have several minutes to give your response to the interviewer. 

When your time is up, the time keeper will knock on the door of your station, open the door, and then escort you to your next station. This pattern is repeated until you have completed all stations.

There will be an individual writing prompt/essay, and individual/group activities as part of your stations.

How long does the MMI process take?

The total MMI process at UTEP will take approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours, including a pre and post orientation session.

Who are the interviewers?

Candidates will be interviewed by a variety of Faculty, current Student Pharmacists, and local Community members (e.g. preceptors, local pharmacists).

How should I prepare for the MMI?

The MMI is not like a traditional interview, however there are several online sources that provide sample questions that have been used in various healthcare fields. For the UTEP MMI, it is important to be familiar with pharmacy as a profession and to be able to express yourself in a thoughtful and concise manner. 

Most importantly, be yourself!