Tuition Fees Anticipated Expenses

Current Students & Admissions

Tuition and fees for the School of Pharmacy will be posted on the SOP website when the apprival process in complete and will be competitive with other regional colleges and schools of pharmacy.  Tuition and fees covers courses taken at UTEP as part of the PharmD curriculum.

Tuition Payment Due Dates

All tuition and fees are billed according to the Texas Education Code Chapter 54 and The University of Texas Board of Regents’ Rules.  Please check the UTEP Office of Student Business Services for exact dates.

UTEP Easy Pay Installment Plan

Tuition can also be paid via the UTEP Easy Pay Installment Plan.  To use the UTEP Easy Pay Installment Plan contact the UTEP Student Business Services.  The UTEP Easy Pay Installment Plan allows students to pay 20% of the tuition and fees at the beginning of the semester.  The remainder is billed in four equal monthly payments.  There is a convenience fee of $20.

Emergency Tuition Loan

An Emergency Tuition Loan can be requested via the UTEP Student Business Services.  The Emergency Tuition Loan can be used for ONLY for tuition and fees. Payments are due in four (4) installments of 20% each, each month of the long semester starting on September or February, respectively.  To be eligible for the Emergency Tuition Loan, a student must be enrolled for the current term, with no past due balances.  Current tuition and fees, parking decal, health insurance, and meal plan that are assessed at the time of enrollment are included in this option.  There is a convenience fee of $20, and the interest rate is generally no more than approximately $10 per month.  The amount of the loan is equal to 20% of the total tuition and fees chargers, as well as parking decal, health insurance, and meal plan (which is paid separately).  For more information contact the UTEP Student Business Services

Book Loan

A book loan is a short-term loan that is available at the beginning of each semester.  This is not a cash option.  Funds are directed to your Miner Gold Card and can be used only at the UTEP Bookstore.  Students can request a loan amount between $50-500, which is placed on the student’s UTEP ID.  The funds can only be used at the UTEP Bookstore.  There is a flat interest rate of $10.

PayDirt Loan

The Paydirt Loan allows students to borrow funds when something unexpected occurs and the student isn’t able to cover the unanticipated expense (loss of a job, car repairs, daycare expenses) and needs financial assistance immediately.  Students may borrow up to $500 and the loan needs to be paid back to UTEP within 90 days.  Please be advised that this loan is not need-based, is available to international students and open to all students enrolled half-time or greater.

Contact Araceli Moreno for more information at


In addition to tuition and fees, there are additional anticipated expenses associated with attending the School of Pharmacy.  A list of additional expenses related to background checks, drug screen titers, and other essentials will be made available prior to enrollment and may also be found in the Student Handbook at that time.