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Serving Beyond Enrollment and Graduation

UTEP’s is a product of its mission-driven and collective, one-team approach to improve student success.

Intentional servingness in all aspects of the institution has earned UTEP recognition as one of the best model institutions in the country for helping graduates from the poorest backgrounds reach the uppermost income quintile. UTEP’s one-team approach places meaningful servingness in all aspects of the institution: leadership, curricular and co-curricular programs, research, and financial support.

The examples below highlight UTEP's  servingness in action.


Asset-based Philosophy

The UTEP Edge, the University’s asset-based philosophy builds on the successful foundation of the University’s access, excellence, and impact mission, and focuses on three foundational principles: talented students, engaging experiences, and lifelong success.The Edge was formed in 2016 as part of UTEP’s Quality Enhancement Plan, which recognizes that students enter with many talents, great strengths, and big dreams. UTEP’s asset-based plan commits to further develop students’ strengths through high-impact, enriching experiences to ensuring that every UTEP student receives the best holistic education necessary for success on our campus, in the professional word, and as community and global leaders. The UTEP Edge is guided by close collaboration of campus units – achieving measurable, positive change through a cross-campus, one-team approach. We use an asset-based model in pursuing our goals; that is, we begin with our local talent, people, experience, skills, and resources, and seek to leverage these and add to them to optimize shared outcomes. We are data informed and committed to continuous improvement.


Edge Experiences

The UTEP Edge, the University’s public-facing, asset-based Quality Enhancement Plan, develops students’ assets through a variety of high-impact experiences made possible by the expertise and dedication of our talented faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners. Ranging from undergraduate research and civic engagement to study abroad and student employment, high-impact experiences increase confidence, enhance personal and professional skills, and equip students with a competitive advantage when they graduate and enter the workforce or pursue a graduate degree. It’s this competitive edge that distinguishes UTEP students from their peers at other institutions and prepares our graduates for leadership and lifelong success.


Holistic Advising

UTEP’s holistic advising model is designed to help our students identify and capitalize on their assets in order to cultivate strong foundations during their first three semesters. By elevating advising to deliberate and meaningful interaction with every student, UTEP empowers students to cultivate individual agency and assisting them in developing individualized academic, financial, and engagement plans that carve a clear pathway to successful degree completion.


Financial and Social Support Services (FSSS)

Financial and Social Support Services (FSSS) is a component of UTEP’s holistic advising model designed to educate and empower students by increasing financial literacy, and cultivating the skills necessary to make sound financial decisions. FSSS connects students to resources both on-campus and in the community that address students’ unique needs and facilitates student success. Through a partnership with UTEP's Master of Social Work (MSW )program, MSW interns provide students with personalized financial and social support. Financial social work fosters financial literacy and financial capability through empowering students to make more sound financial decisions in the context of their whole lives.


Employment and Professional Development

A commitment to Hispanic Servingness goes beyond enrollment, academic support, and even graduation. True fulfillment of UTEP’s mission means seeing our graduates succeed as professionals and make contributions to the global economy and workforce as strong leaders. Professional habits form early and UTEP provides a powerful array of professional development and career resources to ensure students are on a path towards career success.

New students begin learning about professionalism resources before they’ve even begun classes, setting an early expectation of career readiness. In meeting students where they are, academic affairs and student affairs partner to offer career workshops and training in class and other convenient settings. High-impact practices are thoughtfully designed to integrate the skills employers look for in new college graduates, including communication skills, critical thinking, reflection, and problem-solving. Should a student need professional attire or more individualized support in preparing a resume, cover letter, or getting ready for an interview, those resources are readily available too. In addition, UTEP leverages its status as an R1 institution and America’s leading Hispanic-serving university to provide internship and employment opportunities with some of the nation’s top employers, launching our students to career success upon graduation.