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We are an eclectic and diverse group, that works directly with students, faculty, staff, and on-campus partners to not only design but together; redefine the future of learning. Whether it is utilizing current technological innovations, researching, and prototyping new and emerging technologies, or rethinking and re-imagining the connection and functionality between spaces, students, faculty, pedagogy, and technology within a learning space. We are a department that wishes to build partnerships, and community and create the instances that will spark creative ideas and inspire the problem solvers of the future.

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Areas of Support


Campus Classroom Support

We are responsible for on-site tech support and maintenance in over 208 classrooms with a variety of Audio/Visual and computing equipment. Classrooms are equipped with a projector, screen, control panel, sound system, and wireless display connectivity. For your convenience, we have created a classroom search tool that has detailed information on what each classroom has regarding features, technology, seating capacity, and other information.






Audio/Visual Services

We offer consulting services for the design and installation of Audio/Visual (AV) equipment in conferencing suites, auditoriums, and large classrooms. To request a consultation for your next AV project, please contact the Technology Support Help Desk and submit a request for an AV consultation.






The GAIA Makerspace

GAIA, located in UGLC 202, is the first open Makerspace in UTEP. Offers its space, resources, and training to all students, faculty, and staff without the restriction of college, major, degree, or departmental affiliation. Focusing on 3D Design, Scan, and Print; Audio/Video streaming and production; Game Development; Augmented and Virtual Reality. The skills learned in the Makerspace inform and cross-pollinates between projects, people, and events that branch out to the greater campus and region.







Learning Studio

The Learning Studio, located in UGLC 110, is a room that can help faculty in creating audio and video content to enhance lectures, presentations, projects, or any other creative endeavors that require a professional recording studio setting. For more information and to reserve the studio, please click here.






Connected Classrooms

A Connected Classroom allows UTEP instructors in the classrooms to stream their lectures and engage students who are either attending in person or through the web. Connected Classrooms are equipped with high-definition PTZ cameras and microphones. For the locations of Connected Classrooms at UTEP, use our classroom search tool.